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One of the primary missions of SSES is to provide leadership in the development of novel areas of research to address areas of major importance to society. One of the major challenges for SSES faculty is to develop a working understanding of the founding engineering fields (chemical and environmental engineering, civil and engineering mechanics, mining and geological engineering, materials science and engineering and systems and industrial engineering) but also to develop an appreciation of disciplines beyond SSES including electrical and computer engineering, aerospace and mechanical engineering and biomedical engineering. This comprehensive understanding is necessary to achieve success in the implementation of cross-disciplinary collaborative research and education initiatives and in creatively addressing challenges that impact and influence basic human and societal needs. The future of engineering demands that it reaches out beyond its traditional borders. Engineering should aspire to address grand societal challenges by creating coalitions with the fields of medicine, the mathematical and physical sciences, the biological sciences, as well as architecture and the social and behavioral sciences.

SSES is pioneering the exploration of opportunities at the border of very disparate fields.
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