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Founding Departments:

The School of Sustainable Engineered Systems (SSES) was developed as an integrated approach to sustainability research taking place throughout the five founding departments. SSES brings together more than 50 faculty members and draws on campus-wide expertise. SSES is building partnerships with academia and industry projects to enrich Arizona’s economy.

Departments throughout the College of Engineering are already doing considerable research to develop innovative and sustainable products. SSES bridges these departments. Specifically, SSES has been formed to foster, coordinate and expand research initiatives. The Southwest, United States offers a broad range of research opportunities and problems for SSES to target. Some of these are:

  • An abundance of solar energy, an important avenue of investigation in the quest to reduce the cost of imported energy.
  • A shortage in potable water that could limit population growth, deter economic expansion, and threaten public health and safety.
  • Environmental degradation, such as the increasing levels of groundwater salinity.
  • Existence of a strong, but threatened, high-tech manufacturing industry based primarily on semiconductor devices.
  • Rapid growth and development resulting in a need for new transportation, water and power infrastructures.

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